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These people are the reason why it was hard for me at first to move on with my college life.

Last night, we held a mini reunion with our 3rd year highschool classmates. I thought I wouldn’t want to go, but then I did (because my boy bestfriend coaxed me). MK came back from the US; we last saw each other about 5 years ago. I’m glad he didn’t change much, except for his accent which is cute, btw. He’s still the gentleman, honest and accommodating boy… which made me miss him so much.

My high school friends were so fun to be with. We did some hilarious card games. One of the punishments was to slap someone’s face hard and my friends didn’t hesitate to do them hard. 

I was happy that there were no awkwardness-well at least for me. Everyone has incredibly matured in such a small period of time. I hope I can see them more. <3

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My first and last college party with friends. Should’ve attended this years ago.So much fun.

Epitomizing YOUNG, WILD and FREE..<3

photos by Jeric Rustia

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From Ms. Dajayjay, reciprocating a given watercolor drawing. (hair apparently inspired from pitchy girl Hazel)

So, it seems that the three of us will be together forever since we walked through a “falling leaves” area a while ago. Talk about wholesome threesome.<3 

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Our version of “levitation”,but actually they are just “finer” jump shots.C:

This is what we do when we are bored.Nicest people ever.<3

Thanks to Ms. Dajayjay for these stunning (yes they are,hihi) photos.C:

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I was informed via facebook that Fullybooked BHS is having booksale for about a week. My friends and I decided to visit since we passed our thesis topics early. At first, I was about to get 3 books but then decided to leave the other two since I know I won’t be able to read them *ahem thesis ahem*.But I was really lucky to find this one entitled “Savage Membrane” because of its cool plot ala Walking Dead for 1/10th of its price!!!(its original is around a thousand but I got it for a hundred bucks. Sweet Steal). Hazel and I took about 2 hours to pick our books so my other friends went to the rooftop via the elevator. Shiz.

It was fun having Nancy and Mhar with us eventhough Nancy went home early. I’m also quite sorry for Mhar because I know that this trip made him really tired.:C

Going back to my favorite subject, the elevator: Hazel told me that after reading my previous post, she finally understood that my fear of elevator is real. I told her I wish I’m joking but I’m not.

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Next to Chandler and Phoebe, Janice Litman makes up my top three.

Love her!!!Best of Janice Litman

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Went to SM Megamall yesterday with my friends for TOYCON 2012. At first, there a few people roaming around the halls but after a few minutes, the influx overwhelmed me. I knew beforehand that some toys are incredibly expensive, but not to a point I wasn’t expecting. A whooping 13000 pesos for a small figurine is just waaahhh. TOO MUCH. I will never understand a collector’s heart.

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Yesterday, I met up with two of my closest friends. As usual, we had light talks about what’s happening around us, and what took place in our highschool years. Whenever we do that, nostalgia kicks in, in a very hard way. Mostly we laughed on how naive and stupid we acted, how crazy we did things and, how courageous we were in dealing with people. My guy friend even asked himself what came up to his mind and acted carelessly. Everything seemed to worked based on impulse. But nonetheless, we are now able to laugh things off because in all fairness, we learned from those- a lot. Then we went to a more serious topic. One started to look and decide on which company to apply, while the other shared hilarious experiences on her OJTs. These two, with all honesty, has been working their asses off on their chosen course/profession.  My girl friend had her view about our highschool not enabling all of its students to hone their skills while only focusing on a few. But now, seriously, those who were “unnoticed”  are now those who surprise everyone with their achievements. While they are talking about all these, I can’t help but be silenced and just reflect on my own. What have I done these past few years? Is there even one thing that I can be proud of? Sadly, I have none. They urged me to start piling my previous works for my portfolio. Where the hell can I get them when I know for a fact that I have no “serious” work whatsoever- aside of course, from my mini thesis last semester. My time is running out and I have yet to organize my thoughts and start to get serious because really, I have no way out. Not now,not ever. I have to suck it all up. 

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Lovely,lovely ladies..<3<3<3

Photo credit to: Kitty

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That moment when we try to foresee, try to consult fate, and try to chase our childhood slowly slipping away…

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Just because miss Dajayjay and I got bored, we did art appreciation.

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Last Friday night, my best friends and I decided to at last experience Banchetto, but to no avail, we failed for the 3rd time. To alleviate this seemingly chain of unfortunate events (lol), we then went to Eastwood. We were able to meet Kitty’s special friend Byron -who we have been bullying the whole night, but is actually quite a nice sport…he’s such a girl C:

It’s so nice to spend quality time with your loved ones. After all the stress that has been piling up on me this entire month, I was able to have a breather. With them, I am ten times sillier and noisier…and I miss being just that. Mostly, we talk about what is going on with our college days…and them, being mean to me about staying one more year in school..haha..I’m getting lonelier since after a few months, our worlds will be farther than ever. One good thing though is that I will be able to coax them to buy me good stuffs and say “estudyante lang po”..C:

One night will never be enough…I’m always looking forward to meeting them…such lovely people..C:

Then, the day after..when I decided to attend a family gathering, I was able to NOT swim in a SWIMMING PARTY..huge thanks to my allergy for being impeccably good with timing. Thank you for ruining my must-have-been-my-rest-before-torturing-myself-with-thesis-stuff. Always a party spoiler.

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Today was such an amazing day filled with both happy and sad thoughts. My friends and I were able to attend a paper-cutting ACLE featuring a renowned paper artist who appeared in different tv programs- Mr. Albert “BADZ” Magsumbol. He was an alumni at the University of the Philippines Diliman College of Fine Arts, Major in Advertising. We were lucky to be able to interact with him and talk things about paper-cutting, his passion, work ethics and dream for this craft. It was incredible to find him still humble with the fame entailing his name right now. Some of his works were presented during his talk, and boy do these remind me of the intricate designs created for shadow theaters. 

Later that day, I had fun bonding with TFA members and my co-applicants. These people know how to make me laugh hard! I’m so blessed to actually be able to meet them…

…..then a very humbling and sad moment took place. We found a kitten, blood-spilled near the Bahay ng Alumni. We thought that it was newly given birth but apparently, a tomcat wanted to eat it! My friends told me that it was natural for male cats to eat live kittens….that scene when it tried to walk but fell back due to its condition broke my heart. We tried to bring it in our school’s vet office but the guard insisted that they are open until 3pm only -we arrived at around 5:30….we didn’t know that animals don’t have the right to be wounded after 3pm. Read my sarcasm you fools! The doctor was even there  and he just referred us to another vet office! THE AUDACITY… So then we flew to that said clinic but alas, we were too late…:’C

yes, survival of the fittest governed.

On the brighter side, after we moved on, we decided to have a dinner. These people are hilarious! We made fun of different things, discussed comedic issues and  chismises  from our college to showbiz. Really, I haven’t laughed this much in such a long time..C:

Happy thougths everyone!C: