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These people are the reason why it was hard for me at first to move on with my college life.

Last night, we held a mini reunion with our 3rd year highschool classmates. I thought I wouldn’t want to go, but then I did (because my boy bestfriend coaxed me). MK came back from the US; we last saw each other about 5 years ago. I’m glad he didn’t change much, except for his accent which is cute, btw. He’s still the gentleman, honest and accommodating boy… which made me miss him so much.

My high school friends were so fun to be with. We did some hilarious card games. One of the punishments was to slap someone’s face hard and my friends didn’t hesitate to do them hard. 

I was happy that there were no awkwardness-well at least for me. Everyone has incredibly matured in such a small period of time. I hope I can see them more. <3

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Philippians 4:6-7

Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.

I feel so much blessed!!!

A few days ago, loony-my pet dog- was diagnosed with amoebiasis. When I got home, I saw her struggling to stand and with bloodshot eyes. I pleaded my mom to have her checked-up and luckily, we were just on time. We had her on medication for about 3 days now and I saw a great improvement. The day she was diagnosed, I can’t sleep and I cried and prayed asking God to never let her die.:’C…Seeing her like that was heart-wrenching. I thought that if she succumbs to her disease, no one will wait for me and happily greet me as I get home; no one will guard my sleep; and with that, I’ll forever lose my bestbud. But again, God provides..and I’m so grateful right now..:’D

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So I was sending songs to my cellphone via bluetooth when suddenly, I realized that I sent it to papa. What baffles me is that he accepted the request and received 8 out of 16 songs. Pa, those are mostly in korean.haha.C:

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And I’m thinking, “what if”?

I know, it’s pointless.

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As I was riding a jeepney a while ago, I noticed that the path we were taking was different. I thought there was another road construction ahead so the jeep was forced to take another route. Then I summoned my courage and asked this pretty person beside me (pale white skin, long shiny jet black hair, the aura was that of a prim and proper person). I asked, “Miss,anong jeep ito?”, then with a very low and masculine voice, “MRT PANTRANCO”. Shoot. I don’t know if I was shocked because I claimed him as a girl or because I took the wrong jeep. Because I was both sorry and stupefied, all I mustered to say was a panicky “Amh, sorry kuya,para po”. Never ever assume.

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…is hard to avoid. Please, I’m trying to be lady-like here.

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Long live the King

I will never forget those moments when my family and I watched episodes of Home Along the Riles. Thank you for being part of my childhood.

RIP Dolphy

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Issei Isagawa

Watched this terrible video about a Japanese cannibal..it was beyond crazy and a true abomination of everything I believe in. Instead of being in prison,he’s living a carefree life with the monthly rental fee as his only problem. To curse him isn’t enough. But the thing that made me detest the whole thing is how Japanese maniacs tolerated him-making him sign his books about his cannibal acts with pictures of the whole incident printed on them. Eff. Made my head hurts.

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Sign of ageing:

When you don’t like tocino anymore.:C

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My CWTS Professor once told our class that sometimes when we talk to others,it is not to ask advice from them. There are times when we just need to hear ourselves speaking in order to realize what we really need. True enough.

But now, I’m asking Google for advice.

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It would be just fitting to have my title in bold letters just to reiterate how wonderful my parents are. I had my first “hypothetical client” meeting this afternoon but for some reasons, they can’t work with my thesis. They told me that my proposal was good but they are not the right client because they fund other affiliated organizations but they don’t deal with structures. Such a bummer because THAT should be my thesis. Anyway, I felt guilty because my mom came with me to their office and things like that don’t really match with her (the long distance travel by commuting-we left my dad at Gateway because he can’t stand long walks and we are running out of time so MRT is the best option). Oh and also aside from that, the office is located on the 5th floor so my mom had no choice but to ride on an elevator. Elevator. The very word  makes me tremble. I almost cried when we reached the 5th floor and while doing we were in that box, I hug my mom tightly. I know my soul left me for a split second. And after much dismay because of the “failed meeting”, we had to ride it again and literally, my eyes were tearing up. I’m not exaggerating. That is how I LOATHE elevators.  My mom then told me that airplanes are much worse especially during a turbulence. Mama, I can take up cruises anytime.C:.

I just feel blessed that I don’t feel much disappointment because I also love my second topic. But of course, my first one is temporarily shelved until I get a more appropriate client. My mom felt sad for me so she treated me to four different food chains. That is quite weird knowing that my parents are somewhat health conscious but we only ate meat today. Anyways, at least our dogs are happy- we take home the leftovers because according to papa, we bought it. How cleverly frugal.C: Then the three of us had facial treatments. They are never fun. After the procedure it looks as if we had chickenpox. The pricking part sucked all my tolerance. Ouch.

Oh and for the second time, I bought an architectural magazine. I always buy teen/college magazines but never an architectural one. I coaxed my mom to buy me one so that I can be inspired. Then my papa asked me why I love buying magazines when he saw my ate selling them (my old magazines) to junk shops. Papa, it’s okay…it’s from my allowance anyway.C:

Oh and my good friend Hazel lent me this cool book with cool graphics (Emily Strange). When we passed by Powerbooks weeks ago, I told her how I like books with “gothic” illustrations and she pointed out that she has one. So after weeks of reminding her, she gave the book to me a while ago.C:..The heroine reminded me of her in some ways.

So there you go. Today, I realized yet again how fantastic my parents are. They are simply the best.<3


Alluringly Strange book.C:

An Arki Magazine feeling OP amidst the stacks of fashion magazines

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4 Behavioral Styles Survey

We had this for our CWTS class this morning and I tend to be a high S. S stands for steadiness in which based on studies, what motivates us are relationships and appreciation. Here’s part of the test:

Environment where they best function: working within a group or team, consistency,specialization

Strengths: supportive, loyal,agreeable,willing,reliable —couldn’t agree more.char!C:

Weaknesses: tends to be too conforming, retires or avoids, slow, dependent —well, I may seem to be dependent at times but I’m not slow and I’m not a conformist.

Responds best to people who: are relaxed and amiable, give time to adjust to a change in plans, provide personal support —-I don’t know if I’m a meddler but I surely love heart-to-heart talks.C:

Needs teammates who are good at: initiating change, dealing with conflict, helping them see the bigger picture—who doesn’t need those?

Behavior under stress: acquiesces, keeps quiet—-well yeah, if I’m depressed, like really really depressed, I’ll go back and curl myself up in my shell

My ideal world is where I have peace.—-and serenity.

I want to do it the easy way.—-I’m just too direct.Why complicate things?

I like to watch things.—-future stalker?C:

To convince me, I need to know why.—-why oh why?

My greatest fear is: Losing relationship and/or security.—-Or maybe I’m just too clingy,eh?

For most part, I agree. I’m someone who doesn’t need a lot of friends. I can have a few but I’ll make sure that what we have is something deep. And I’m being cheesy right now.

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I love my papa.

It’s Fathers’ Day and as a tribute for my dad, I’m posting this picture of me with my papa and my sister.

My dad taught me to swim when I was about seven years old. I was extra proud when this summer, I was able to swim through a deep cave opening with the “techniques” that I learned from him. Whenever I’m sick, he’ll always buy me whatever food I’m craving for and made sure that my stomach’s always full. 

One of my favorite stories about him was when he and my mom had this huge fight, then the morning after, he played this “please forgive me song” which was really cheesy but adorable. 

It makes me sad to think that he’s getting older. I wish I can give him his “dream car” when I get rich. No wait, I will..God willing..hihi.C:

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Friends, TFA, Freshies.

These made my first day tiring but super fun. It’s good to know that my college continues to be recognized as the number of enrolees increased. I also got to know more about my orgmates who are so adorable (it may sound cheesy but they really are). I don’t have to worry about awkward moments because they easily crack me up. Some of my friends also attended the program for the freshmen so we were able to catch up on what’s happening around us. Also, to be fair, my performance in dodge ball become better as the games move on. Nevertheless, I still don’t want to be near to any flying ball. 

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Today,my friends and I are slowly realizing that from now on, whatever we do, will be the last. This week will be our last enrollment for the first semester. Next week will be our last first day for the first semester. Hopefully, the end of this week will be the last time we participate in “blockbuster lines”. 

Of course, it all depends if we are able to pass all of our subjects. That is, not to mention, what everyone is waiting for- THESIS. 

praying hard

And I feel like I’m having a fever right now. Please,not now!